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Our Friends, the Scum

Spoiler alert: Graham Parker line of the day contained at the end.

I was watching one of those American History/book review channels that nobody ever watches and was amazed by a theory put forth by a History Professor Emeritus. It was her theory, and the HER being somewhat relevant, that all American History might be different but for the fact that Dolley Madison wanted to keep the slaves of James Madison after his death. She posited, on the flimsiest of evidence, that James Madison had a will that freed his slaves but Dolley destroyed that will in favor of an earlier will which was probated and did not free his slaves. It was Professor’s theory that had the Father of the Constitution freed his slaves, America would have grown into a better place and might have found a better solution to its national disgrace (my words…holocaust is better) and perhaps might have avoided its civil war. What bullshit!


On better evidence, I am a true Blumrosian, convinced that the American Revolution was fought specifically or at least partially for the very purpose of preserving slavery against the movement in England against the institution (see Slave Nation by Alfred and Ruth Blumrosen). The Declaration of Independence and Constitution reek of concern for the preservation of local law in the face of national concerns. Yet the Blumrosens, and my work applauding theirs, , has been held in universal contempt, only recently getting some grudging acceptance from some historians. In this context, the work of this Professor, who seems to actually blame a woman for the civil war, is just more avoidance of the truth of the matter…that some of the men who founded this nation…. specifically, Washington, Jefferson, Marshall, and Madison, were lying scum who never could acknowledge their blindness to the horrors that they perpetrated.


And one word about Dolley Madison. She was a straight shooter who acknowledged her privilege as a southern slave owner. She had her faults, but hypocrisy was not one of them. She did not cause the civil war, nor did she corrupt otherwise incorruptible men. We did not inherit her world, but we did inherit the world of the Founders and that affects us to this day. And speaking of scum… here is the Graham Parker line of the day. From Ambiguous on Don’t Ask Columbus…”and the meek shall inherit the earth from their friends the scum.”