WTF…Supreme Court to sue Obama

                                WTF…Supreme Court to Sue Obama

 In a rare public statement, Chief Justice Roberts announced today that the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to sue President Obama. Under the rarely used doctrine of Nolo disclosum, Roberts declined to say what the exact nature of the lawsuit would be, what relief would be sought, or even if the papers, when filed, would be made public. “What Americans fail to understand”, said Roberts, “is that we are in charge of the Constitution. Five of our members had sincere religious beliefs that the President was wrong about something, and we felt it was our duty to step in.” When a reporter suggested that the Supreme Court’s action seemed to be siding with the House of Representatives on the legality of one (half) branch suing another Robert’s said, “…virtually every legal scholar in the country thinks the House of Representatives was wrong to contemplate filing a law suit against the President and we just wanted to let them know that we got their back…” When noted that that House’s proposed suit was about Obamacare, a law that the Supreme Court found to be constitutional, Roberts indicated that…”we all thought that was going to be a big mess. Now that it seems to be working alright we realized that it was time to revisit the issue.” When asked about which court would hear the case, Roberts indicated “I don’t think there is any problem with the Supreme Court hearing its own case. If we were not impartial, we would not be here”.

Justice Ginsburg, who wrote a 148 page dissent in the recent Hobby Lobby case, wrote a three letter dissenting statement, joined in by Justices Kagen, Sotomayor, and Breyer, which read “WTF…?”