Not White, Not Black…Purple

Not White, Not Black…Purple

“I spent my year on the roof staring up at the stars, Wondering if I was from mars…”

                                                                                                                         Graham Parker

As a supposed white guy who has been forever working on a novel with the tentative title of I AM BILL RICHMOND about America’s first black sport superstar, I feel somewhat qualified to comment about the current issue of racial identity in America. This issue reminds me of a friend I had in High School too many years ago who would insist that inside her heart she was not white, nor black, but more like purple.

I see three kinds of Americans. The largest group I will call the Copacetics. Most white Americans and many recent immigrants fall into this group. The Copacetics basically like America and like the world. They view America as the land of opportunity where with hard work anyone can attain their piece of the American Dream. They trust in the founding fathers and especially in the Constitution and when something in America needs fixing they see in her structure the political means to affect change. Their heroes include Washington, Adams and especially Jefferson. They’re motto is from Jefferson who provided that our government was and continues to be the guarantor of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The second group are the Destructivists. Although they profess to be political reformers they are really anarchists who would never be satisfied with any political system that does not cater to each of their individual whims. They come on both sides of the political spectrum, from tea partyers and religious fanatics to Communists and other radical leftists. Although some of their ideas may inform the common conversation about current issues, their inherent selfishness negates any usefulness they may spout. As a result the Destructivists in America are largely marginalized which is a good thing since when they do attract mainstream attention, as in the recent ascension of the Tea Party, the result is a polarization of the conversation which is inherently destructive to American society. Their motto is “don’t tread on me” as if when they push the world away from their door they will live in the Garden of Eden… It ain’t happening.

The third group, of which I am proudly a member, I will call the Cynics. We see the members of the Copacetics and wonder how they can believe all that bullshit. We see some of the founding fathers as little more than the slaveholders that they were, and other founding fathers as apologists and accommodators to the slaveholding class. We hold that the government they set in motion was rife with the destructive forces that directly lead to untold misery through slavery, oppression of Native Americans, and civil war. An impure institution set up by impure men. The America that has been delivered to us as their progeny is a lie and an illusion based on hundreds of years of bad history and that lie continues to make solutions to our problems elusive. We are not like the Destructivists; we do have a positive goal. It is our core belief that problems cannot be solved until they are understood in an historical context and that America just doesn’t get it. America continues to worship the very leaders and laws that continually got it into trouble. We believe that it is of primary importance to recognize the basic flaws of our founders and our government in order to find our common heritage. Then perhaps we will find real solutions to our common problems. I don’t think it is a big statement to say that most American blacks are Cynics like me. A Copacetic sees a dollar bill and enjoys the freedom to spend it as he/she sees fit. A Destructivist wants to burn it and everything that it represents even though that would leave him/her without a means for improvement. A Cynic wants George Washington to be recognized as an evil man who should be removed from the bill. Put a hero like Frederick Douglas or Clara Barton on it so that it can be spent proudly. Cynics do not hate America, quite the contrary they love the promise of America. Our hero is Abraham Lincoln who fought a war because it was the only way to fix America’s biggest problem. Our motto is “a house divided cannot stand”, and therefore we continually search our history and our conscience for the cancers that divide us to find ways to bring us together as one people.

Which brings me to the idea of racial identification. I have always had difficulty at gatherings of Copacetics. They seem to be living in a dream world with their talk of pretty houses and nice cars as if everything in the world is just as it should be. Perhaps I am jealous. It would be nice to wake up and find a world that I am copacetic about. I’m just not feeling it. So even though my skin is white (sort of) and my culture is white I cannot say that I identify as white because I do not share the primary bond of the group… that they are Copacetic. This does not mean that I identify as black. I did not grow up steeped in black culture and I know that I cannot begin to sense what being black in America is like. Still I think I understand why a white person, especially one with more access to black culture than I, might identify as black. Unfortunately, you cannot fix a lie with another lie so to the degree that there is deception involved I think it unfortunate, but still I have to refrain from judging what one person does in reaction to the feeling of estrangement from their own culture. I know it is a sad thing.

So I think about my high school friend and wonder if there is a way to for Cynics like me to turn purple. It would just say to others that we don’t belong with you and we want our own culture. Like in all cultures, I would enjoy identifying and spending time with like-minded people but it is hard as hell to find us under the present pigment limitations.