The Graham Parker Duo featuring Brinsley Schwarz at the Kate 5/4/17

The Graham Parker Duo featuring Brinsley Schwarz

“The Kate”


According to Graham Parker, Brinsley Schwarz does not like to play behind anyone else. I can see why. With GP he not only gets to recreate some of the most memorable guitar lines in rock history, but he also can let his lyrical side flow freely. I normally do not like shows where the performers are “up there” and the listeners are “down here” but “The Kate” (The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, with some connection to Katherine Hepburn which I did not pursue) manages to maintain an intimacy with perfect sound, unfortunately missing at some of the dive bars GP has been known to frequent. So it was a beautiful show. We all have our favorites…GP dusted off Devil’s Sidewalk, Between You and Me, and Lunatic Fringe (why ever would that one be relevant now?). Just a magnificent Disney’s America and Long Emotional Ride and well, everything else. Since there are no NY shows in this short tour, why not play New York Shuffle? Brinsley’s song, You Missed Again, was a high point, tough to do when you are standing next to formerly America’s, first and again England’s, greatest song writer. Here then is the set list:

Watch the Moon Come Down

Between You and Me

Stop Crying About the Rain

Fools Gold

Devil’s Sidewalk

Lunatic Fringe

Socks & Sandals

Disney’s America

You Missed Again

Stick To Me

Heat Treatment

Discovering Japan

Long Emotional Ride

Pub Crawl

New York Shuffle

Don’t Let It Break You Down

White Honey


You Can’t Be Too Strong

Hold Back the Night



(Wish I’d been there…sounds like a blast!)