To 2010

1. I wouldn’t lie to you unless I had to of course!
2. Lightning strikes at everyone, but only hits the very lucky
3. I know what I’m doing; I just can’t stop doing it
4. Yes I’m aware of exactly what I’m doing Making everything a mystery
5. I know the language of your heart better than the alphabet
6. (When) after all the urges some kind of truth emerges
7. There’s nothing to hold onto when gravity betrays you
8. There’s a wheel in my hand but I can’t steer
9. I don’t appeal to the masses and they don’t appeal to me
10. Hey baby, I’m out of favour. Can’t always be the right flavor
11. you know baby I kick your heart where the others only miss
12. I got scars all over my passport
13. Get your tight blue jeans out and try to get ’em on
14. Don’t pay no attention to what the experts say, too much intelligence gets in the way
15. I don’t wanna tie you up anymore and leave you to dangle, with too many knots to untangle
16. Imagination’s one thing that comes easy to me
17. Your love letters are confetti I ripped them up my hands were sweaty
18. still it’s not a whole life story is it, its just a page I turned and there you were in it
19. I know my place, I just can’t stay there
20. I been doing my homework now for a long long time
21. 24 years just obeying the rules, No wonder I’m half-insane
22. She’ll attempt to resist and pretend I don’t exist when I do
23. And in the darkest night she takes a telescope, looks through the wrong end and loses hope
24. people think I’m full of hate, they’ve got it wrong thats out of date
25. Crimson autograph is what we leave behind, everywhere that man sets foot
26. I get a thrill out of tampering with the atmosphere
28. The dust may never settle
29. Take your heart of glass and put on a bevel
30. To me it looked like a failure, but they called it victory
31. You can’t measure these things by weight, they either drag you down or they lift you
32. Even the skeptics are unsure
33. All the chains around you could not keep you prisoner, they haven’t been forged yet
34. Crawling from the wreckage, into a brand new car
35. Everyone said quit now, that’s when I found hope
36. Everybody’s talking ’bout the state of their health and I’m not feeling so good myself
37. The meek shall inherit the earth from their friends the scum
38. There must be gold where fools are; that’s what we are
39. We sit and polish our wedding rings
40. I try to pull my weight, study my geography, it doesn’t seem to get me anywhere
41. I’m not on any team; not after what I’ve seen
42. I’m not a hero or even someone who does good. I’m not made of iron or steel or stone or gold or bronze or wood
43. it’s only a theory so don’t place any bets yet
44. Inside of everyone someone lurks, they don’t even know
45. I was playing with words (no-one could understand a thing). They’d never get the drift of it
46. They tell you there’s no chance for love to be stable when everything shakes
47. We drifted apart like runoff into the Chesapeake Bay
48. The dreams and hopes of men are powered by addiction. Who am I to say that this is an affliction?
49. My synapses fire like anything
50. There’s a siren blowing in your heart, you just don’t want to hear it
51. Someone spread this virus all around the world till it got to us and now we just sit back and let things slide
52. The past aint even worth living in, it’s just a nail that keeps being driven in
53. They murdered the clown Still the world’s not a funnier place
54. You don’t have to sell your soul, just kind of let it
55. They got it wrong, as usual
56. There’s a lot of versions of the honest truth
57. Some came home their pants in creases Some came home in bits and pieces The president made a lot of speeches and went fishing for the day
58. I will smooth the edges from my roughness and lose the venom in my toughness
59. If this is a game I don’t wanna play
60. In the desert that passes for my heart, sweet rain is falling tonight
61. Sometimes it hurts so bad I don’t know where the pain is
62. You got to keep on making turns there is no turning back
63. At least no one’s thirsty anymore
64. So come out of the bitter wind melt that ice deep within On the first day of spring
65. Checked my pulse Yep, still alive
66. We’re closer when we are apart
67. Has rock & roll just died or does it just smell bad?
68. There’s been a seismic shift, I felt the whole earth quiver
69. Now I keep my mouth shut and do just what I’m told
70. My best friend’s a hillbilly With a moonshine still Actually I’m lyin’ He’s an accountant named Bill
71. You go in with pneumonia, come out with just a heavy cold
74. These are your wounds now go and lick them
75. “I was on Bunkum”
76. You thought you had a good grip on reality, it just disappeared
77. Come on baby hold me, one last time before There is nothing to hold anymore
78. you’re our last customer. You’re our last hope
79. Somebody yelled hey my head’s on fire
80. The odour of stupidity isn’t too sweet
81. We’re always running and we don’t know what we’re running from
82. Now you’re vacant that’s your lot
83. I pulled too tight when we tied the knot
84. You try to get high again but it’s like time-lapse photography
85. The world is full of little people like you. They have to read a book to learn what to do
86. Sure there’ll be another war sure as sure the call-up will come calling
87. If you wanna be a jester you better get a funny hat
88. I resolve to solve this problem and be the one you need and one day you’ll see you will call me “Mr Tender”(BQ)
89. We look into each other’s eyes and understand Why true love is in such demand
90. All our information comes from junk mail
91. They can rip out bits of me that should keep them fed
92. These dreams will never sleep
93. Lovers get caught just the same in the thunder and rain
94. She’s a living example of God’s bad taste
95. They all see the money and they start to drool
96. I am going to get my feelings across the gulf that divides me and you
97. Being a reporter is a glamorous trade You don’t even have to tell the truth to get paid
98. All this praise it’s just a passing phase
99. If I had what I haven’t got, a second chance a second shot I’d be something that I’m not, I’d be worthy of your love
100. everything you put on is a put-on
101. Her wedding gown has been burned to ashes Fanned by the flutter of her false (eye) lashes
102. The pop machine has new agendas now Gangsta’s girls and jerks
103. I remember the way you looked when we first met, There are some things in this world you can’t forget
104. And you’ll never discover why it’s like an old lover you can’t touch anymore It doesn’t mean much anymore when you go back in time
105. So take a seat there’s plenty spare, fill a gaping hole, That’s what I do every night somewhere in my soul
106. That monkey who used to be so funky (i)s now working for the bureau de no change
107. I’ve dug my own grave, please don’t let me lie in it Instead let’s bury everything that caused us pain
108. The movie might be new but it’s the same soundtrack
109. There must be so much to discuss
110. I saw the big dipper and then the big bopper and realized how much time had gone by
111. You turn stone into flesh baby and I almost get human
112. I’m not peddling fiction, I’m not packaging youth I’ve got a predilection for the truth
113. The world is easy when you’re just playing around with it
114. Everybody just looks ugly now
115. You should see yourself go to your optician
116. as the flight touches down my watch says 8:02 but that’s midnight to you
117. Instead of throwing myself at my wife, I’m throwing a log
118. The future’s not a certainty , Its only a direction
119. It’s all excuses baby all a stall
120. If this is heaven what must it be like in hell
121. You might run away with the circus for fun But it looks more like somewhere that you’d run from
122. That’s one man who can say “No Thanks, Thanksgiving Day”
123. Why can’t a woman be more like a man, instead of complicated?
124. TAAFOIYH.(A51)there’s an area 51 in your heart
125. Nothing so much has ever been mine before
126. If only I had said the things I’ve never said
127. Took up every fashion until everything went fake
128. You can’t break a heart that doesn’t respond
129. Not everybody wants to be soothed
130. Why is so much left undone and so much left unsaid?
131. She’s not something you handle like cash
132. Those are not goats heads rolling everywhere
133. The missionary’s position is clear
134. When we are old, We won’t have poverty or destitution, We will be able to afford a nursing home or an institution
135. Those puerile incantations in couplets or quatrains
136. Californians say, have a real nice day
137. I‘m so over it I don’t even mind
138. I just let them get on with it arrange the coronation I just didn’t turn up
139. I got my act together OK its just an act
140. They’ll wind up in tomorrows fried rice
141. I spent my year on the roof, staring up at the stars wondering if I was from mars
142. We’re all downsizing what we do with our lives
143. I can see a lot but its not always crystal clear
144. It’s a far- fetched tale but you can’t make this stuff up
145. Who does not feel fractured too like Broken skin
146. Long ago I felt my empathy wane
147. Its not enterprising to grapple with the past
148. The trail has a lot of turns and one of them just made me pay
149. There seems to be some secret that everybody onto
150. The cells I used to be have all since gone to waste and in the coming year I will all be replaced

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