Ode to T.S.Eliot

I used to laugh at TS Eliot
When April came around
There was no cruelty that I could see
In the cherry blossoms blooming wildly
Or the Magnolia tree
The purple vinca that strafed the hill
Or is it myrtle
(google says they are the same)
There was no cruelty in this game

The daily fight at the bird feed box
Won every day by the blackbirds
Until the gymnastic squirrel found its way
And ruined it for everyone
Except me

Now I sit and read a novel
One Hundred Years of Solitude
I am in on the joke
Hey it could have been Love in the Time of Cholera
Like quoted by everyone else

I play free poker online
Dreaming of winning my imaginary yacht to take me somewhere better
But TS Eliot laughs at me
The poet holds his cards too close
I never can guess what he has
I am all in with my three aces
And lose to his full house

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